Our Shangri-LA


Our Shangri-LA

Duet Album

Not since the duet recordings of Buck Owens and Rose Maddox or Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens have two voices come together so magnificently to showcase California Country.
--Dave Alvin

Rick Shea and Patty Booker's new CD, "Our Shangri-LA", is number one on the Freeform American Roots Chart for the second month in a row!




        produced by Rick Shea

        engineered and mastered by Mark Linett at Your Place or Mine

additional recording by Geoff Brandin and Phil Tagliere at casa de calora

album artwork and design by Lou Beach

photos by Issa Sharp

taken at the King King - Hollywood, Ca.


Rick Shea – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and zitar

Patty Booker - vocals and bass (You Take Me For Granted)

Gary Brandin - steel guitar, fender 400, lap steel and Alan Hamel electric dobro

Keith Rosièr – electric bass, upright bass and tic tac bass

Don Heffington - drums and percussion

Wyman Reese - piano

 Eddie Baytos - accordian and washboard

Bob Gothar - vocal guidance

Bambino Brea, dog barks




When will I ever learn

(G. Brandin)

I'm no good without you


Summer Wine


Just a Matter of Time


I know whats wrong (but I just can't get it right)


Our Shangri-LA

(P.Booker & J.Browne)

Theres fewer things all the time


You take me for granted 

(L. Williams)

The Bull and The Beaver

(M.Haggard & L.Williams)



Baby that aint true

(R.Shea & P.Booker)

Fat Daddy

(R.Shea & W.Reese)

The house that we once lived in





Rick Shea publishing ric-o-shea music BMI admin. by Bug music

Patty Booker publishing Booker P's music BMI

Gary Brandin -  Brandins music BMI

Merle Haggard - Sony/ATV Tree BMI

Leona Williams - Sony/ATV Tree BMI

Janne Browne - Lilly Bell BMI

Pat McLaughlin - Capitol EMI BMI



I first heard Patty Booker sing about 15 years ago when she and Gary called me to play guitar with them at a little place in Ontario, Ca. and I fell in love with her voice from the moment she started to sing. Patty and I have played and sang together many times since then and I always hoped we'd be able to record an album together, thank you Patty.

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thanks to Brian Thomas, Tim Hewett and Tres Pescadores for making this album possible, to my sweet little Susie - every song I write and every song I sing is for you - and to all the musicians who played on this album and who have played with us before, you have always been and always will be an inspiration, to Dave Alvin, Jann Browne, Bliss Bowen,  the Larmans, Ronnie Mack, jana Pendragon, Jonny Whitesides, and everyone else who encouraged and supported, everyone at The Cinema Bar at the King King and at the Fret House 


I want to thank my Children and Grandchildren , my #1 Heartthrob and Uncle Pete for being the inspiration and encouragement I’ve needed at one time or another. Thank You to my friends Steve and Sherry at Highcountry for being so encouraging and booking some great gigs. It would be hard to name everyone who was a part of the effort leading up to this project, but one person I really have to name and thank  is Rick Shea, for making all this happen. The man with the sexiest voice on the West Coast. He is a wonderful musician and family man. I have always respected this about him. That's what makes his songs so cool. He doesn't make it all up. Thank You Rick.