I Don’t Need All That


PATTY BOOKER "I Don't Need All That" CD   

Jay Dee Maness all songs except "I Didn't Want To Go" which is Gary Brandin-Steel Guitar
Danny Ott, Rick Shea, Matt Barnes- Electric Guitars
Matt Barnes- Acoustic Guitar & Baritone
Patty Booker- Acoustic Guitar on "River Of Love"
Keith Rosier- Bass
Larry Mitchell- Drums
Jann Browne, Matt Barnes & Renee Brooks- Harmony Vocals
Candy Lerman-Girard- Fiddle
Wyman ReesePiano & Organ... 
R.J. Simonsen- Washboard
Baby Gaya- Baby Crying
Renee Brooks, Aunt Flo, Leticia Alvarez, Darla Lee, Dawn Lynn Mangino, Sharon Doran, Donna McConnell- The Premenstral Singers
Gary Winterberger- The Cramp

Produced by: Jann Browne & Matt Barnes
Engineer: Ian Miller
Recorded at Sudio One, Anaheim, CA
& Buzz Saw Studios, Laguna Hills, CA
Mastered @ Digidoc by: Kurt Alexander
Design: Patty Booker with Doug Johnson
Layout: Doug Johnson, Airplay Graphics
Photography: Michelle Philpot
Studio Shots: The Musicians
Executive Advisor: Leticia Alvarez
Guitar Strap by www.mosbyguitars.com
Chris Gaffney appears courtesy of Hightone Records; Rick Shea appears courtesy of Major Label Records.
1. Hell Yes I Cheated
2. I Don't Need All That
3. Sleepin With 2 Men
4. Songbird
5. Fist City
6. No Matter What He Say
7. Let's Talk It Out
8. I Didn't Want To Go
9. PMS
10. River Of Love 

Patty Booker publishing Booker P's music BMI
Janne Browne - Lilly Bell BMI
Loretta Lynn - Sure-fire Music Co., Inc.
Gary Brandin - Brandins music BMI
Cheshire & Royce Glenn Sutton - Care Music LTD. BMI
Max D. Barnes - Nude Eel BMI


Design and Creation by Denise Rosier


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Patty's first album, I Don't Need All That, produced by Jann Browne & Matt Barnes has been released to great reviews.  click here >>