Fire & Brimstone 
1. The Hell That I’ve Been Thru
2. Don’t Go Back To Sleep                                                              3. Please Don’t Lie To Me                                                               4. Momma Know                                                                              5. It’s Been Nice Knowing You                                                        6. The One-Way Hula                                                                      7. Tomorrow Never Comes                                                             8. If I Believed In God                                                                      9. Wake Up Little Baby                                                                  10. This Photograph                                                                      11. The Hand That Rocked His Cradle                            
12. Who Would I Be          

Our Shangri-LA  
Tres Pescadores Records, 2003

1. When will I ever learn
2. I'm no good without you                                                                                                            3. Summer Wine                                                                                                                              4. Just a Matter of Time
5. I know what's wrong (but I just can't get it right)
6. Our Shangri-LA
7. There's fewer things all the time
8. You take me for granted
9. The Bull and The Beaver
10. YOU
11. Baby that ain't true
12. Fat Daddy
13. The house that we once lived in

I Don't Need All That  
PMS Records, 2002

1. Hell Yes I Cheated
2. I Don't Need All That
3. Sleepin With 2 Men
4. Songbird
5. Fist City
6. No Matter What He Say
7. Let's Talk It Out
8. I Didn't Want To Go
9. PMS
10. River Of Love

A Town South of Bakersfield Vol 3.
Restless Records, 1992
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